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W00tCraft will be here another month and that doesn't mean we no longer need donations they are still important to keeping this server going. Also we have a new map I Advise players not to travel past 10,000 blocks away from spawn as for when we do update to 1.8 we will not have to reset the Map again. we are working on adding some new cool plugins and removing old unused ones while we do this there are some bugs we still need to fix for example the nether as some of you can tell portals do not work ... We will also start to have W00Tcraft Wednesday / weekends more often creating donator ranks and other online store discounts availible.. 

                                                            Have Fun W00TERS   ~W00tCraft Staff

MsTegz a you should set a temp world border........
As we all know the 1.8 Update is Slowing us down part of this is slowing us down from receiving donations .. w00tcraft costs us roughly 60ish $ per month and at the rate we are going we are struggling to keep w00t going we need your help as players to keep this server going and Donate Today ! our next payment is coming up really soon (October 9th) and we need to make around 50$ to cover the cost of the server  and about another 10 for the website so please Feel free to help us W00tcrafters every Cent Counts Litterally
MsTegz a You could start to lower the cost of the server.... take it down a few notches. No point running a huge server for a few ...
[Owner] Mr_NotSoObvious a yes your right i have a job but i just got a new car and almost my entire paycheck throughout the month covers my insura ...
CptCrossbones from mostly everyone, we would like to know why you don't put your own money into keeping the server up? we all believe ...
The map will be reset to the Minecraft 1.8 map on  9/9/14 or 9/10/14  please keep in mind that while we add the new map and put the spawn in  the server will be whitelisted to staff members only ! Thankyou                                          ~Slick
me_and_my_magpie how do i change my version back to 1.7.10
me_and_my_magpie i still cant log onto the server???

You may notice you cannot log onto w00tcraft at this time, nor any other servers. Mojang has supposly been getting DDos attacks all day long which is effecting both their website and server authentications and other minecraft necessities. We do not know when these attacks will stop or when minecraft will be back to normal log in state. We do know however about why they are DDos attacking Mojang which is due to the newly forced EULA which has upseted many multiplayer server owners and staff along with US.

We believe that the timeout issues are stemming from the plot world, so it will be disabled until further notice while we determine a long term solution. Sorry for any inconvenience.
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I always make sense :sick:
sure did, cause ur post made sense
TG quoted from my comment :sick:
It seems Tegz and TG are right. With the problems sprouting, taking the server down a notch could help.
see... TG agrees with me
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