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The map will be reset to the Minecraft 1.8 map on  9/9/14 or 9/10/14  please keep in mind that while we add the new map and put the spawn in  the server will be whitelisted to staff members only ! Thankyou                                          ~Slick
me_and_my_magpie i still cant log onto the server???

You may notice you cannot log onto w00tcraft at this time, nor any other servers. Mojang has supposly been getting DDos attacks all day long which is effecting both their website and server authentications and other minecraft necessities. We do not know when these attacks will stop or when minecraft will be back to normal log in state. We do know however about why they are DDos attacking Mojang which is due to the newly forced EULA which has upseted many multiplayer server owners and staff along with US.

We believe that the timeout issues are stemming from the plot world, so it will be disabled until further notice while we determine a long term solution. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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MsTegz a posted Jun 14, 14
Thats right W00ters, never miss out on news again! Join us on Facebook and Twitter for live updates!

Join in the fun no matter where you are!
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JoshTheRaven1 how do i become a recruit rank
That's right, the plugins we thought were gone for good are now back and working smoothly. Feel free to purchase Disguise Kits at the shop, and enjoy the various NPC's at spawn! 

Keep W00tin' On,
~W00TCRAFT Staff
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i wish i could be on more
hi guys
I am having W00t withdrawals!! Please fix this quick, Mojang!
Unfortunately they have to happen :P
Gotta love them server restarts
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