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As we All know Minecraft 1.9 is Just around the Corner and if some of you have been here long enough you know what that means; New Stuff is Coming to W00tcraft. Now we know all of you may not like change but sadly when the server is to update to version 1.9 we will be resetting the map again just like we did when 1.8 came out. But dont look at this as a bad thing because we have so much more being added with this new update and So much more area to Build new projects in. Look at it this way, the current map is already almost a year old and i think its time for a change. So here is a List of Some of the New things to be Added or Changed to W00tcraft.

  • Removing Backpack Plugin
  • Adding Mcmmo 
  • New Shop Prices
  • No More Donator Extras (Exclusive areas)
  • Brand Spanking new Spawn (Made by our Amazng BuildTeam and Staff.)
  • And Much Much More

Now With this We are deciding to No longer keep our new Spawn a secret and give you guys the first peak at what you will see when 1.9 Arrives. Enjoy :)


PlayerSlayer242 cool ... also I need help , I signed in and it didn't give me the recruit rank
[Admin] Demonfox50 a Nice but I feel that you made it because you were bored (like the last one)
W00tCraft will be here another month and that doesn't mean we no longer need donations they are still important to keeping this server going. Also we have a new map I Advise players not to travel past 10,000 blocks away from spawn as for when we do update to 1.8 we will not have to reset the Map again. we are working on adding some new cool plugins and removing old unused ones while we do this there are some bugs we still need to fix for example the nether as some of you can tell portals do not work ... We will also start to have W00Tcraft Wednesday / weekends more often creating donator ranks and other online store discounts availible.. 

                                                            Have Fun W00TERS   ~W00tCraft Staff

caliboy123 @MsTegz I thought that was only possible via 1.8 commands?
MsTegz a you should set a temp world border........
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Just wanted to tell everyone that i am still alive :)
how do i sighn up for a mod?
Thx crazybot lol I just posted same thing on forums
freo5 changed his username to Quikx_ and now he donent have his rank he was wondring if he could have it back
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