We Know its been a while but we never really left. W00tcraft closed almost a year ago and Re-opened with a new name, Enderhaven. after a while we noticed a massive decrease in player amounts and came to the decision that the name Enderhaven... well.. it completely sucked. so now were back with W00tCraft again !

What's Changed?

Everything !

w00tcraft is going to be solo Survival with the possibility of having survival games as its only add on minigame. sorry skyblock fans, thats gone.

we are also going to be a much more simple community in general.

Donators will no longer be able to fly aside from the Highest donator rank "Falcon".

The in game Shop will be much more Simplified with fewer items to be sold.

And to top it all off. its going to be alot more fair to every player.

Unknown User  added 30 Advanced days to W00tcraft
Unknown User  added 30 Advanced days to W00tcraft
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why is it offline?
We are Glad to have you back !
Mr_NotSoObvious It is nice to be back!!!
No there will not be Quests added
Will there be quest added?
You do not have access to shout.