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Attention All W00tcrafter! 25% of all Donations Made this Month (March) and Next month (April) will be donated to the Make a Wish Foundation ®. If you are interested in donating the full amount of your purchase, Please let us know at the time of purchase. (you will still receive all parts of your purchase if you do this.) If you dont know what it is, The Make-A-Wish Foundation ® is a non-profit organization founded in the United States that Raises Money to arrange experiences described as "wishes" to children with life-threatening medical conditions.

Make-A-Wish Foundation

Just an update for you guys. while we are working on getting w00tcraft back to a working standpoint we hope that you all will stay updated with us and be patient as a Major plugin has broke and we are waiting for a responce from the plugins maker. this plugin is a key aspect to w00tcraft's Chat and Rank system and would be a major problem if players were to be on while this issue is going on so we hope that you will choose to stay with us and not get mad at us we are trying our best to keep the server Great for you guys.

[Owner] Mr_NotSoObvious a we don't really know i've been trying to keep in contact with the plugins maker hopefully really soon.
legobenm12169 so like when will it be up

While we work on getting things set up with 1.9 the server will be down for temporary Maintenance. sorry for any inconveinence to anybody wishing to play but we should be back online soon.

also look forward to a new map by the end of the week.

As we All know Minecraft 1.9 is Just around the Corner and if some of you have been here long enough you know what that means; New Stuff is Coming to W00tcraft. Now we know all of you may not like change but sadly when the server is to update to version 1.9 we will be resetting the map again just like we did when 1.8 came out. But dont look at this as a bad thing because we have so much more being added with this new update and So much more area to Build new projects in. Look at it this way, the current map is already almost a year old and i think its time for a change. So here is a List of Some of the New things to be Added or Changed to W00tcraft.

  • Removing Backpack Plugin
  • Adding Mcmmo 
  • New Shop Prices
  • No More Donator Extras (Exclusive areas)
  • Brand Spanking new Spawn (Made by our Amazng BuildTeam and Staff.)
  • And Much Much More

Now With this We are deciding to No longer keep our new Spawn a secret and give you guys the first peak at what you will see when 1.9 Arrives. Enjoy :)


PlayerSlayer242 cool ... also I need help , I signed in and it didn't give me the recruit rank
[Admin] Demonfox50 a Nice but I feel that you made it because you were bored (like the last one)
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mr_notsoobvious may you get on the server?
how do i apply to be a mob=d or in the building team?
lego I will go ahead and promote him to Legend when i get on
i bought a recruit rank for my friend agent_deadpool awhile back and he never got it
im B.O.E.R.E.D as crap because this is down
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